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“Interval Irregular” Feature #1


Table of Contents:

    I.                    News & Stuff

    a.       What Is this?

    b.      Why’d it Stop for a year?

    c.       Name Change?

    d.      Follow Me?


    II.                  Features

    a.       Critique: Five featured artists, with critiques

    b.      Quick and Dirty: Feature ten artists without critiques.

    c.       If you want to be featured just comment or fav :)


    III.                Shameless Self-Promotion

    a.       Some of my under-appreciated works.


I. News & Stuff:

>What in the F**k is this?          

Every week I used to feature peoples work and critique them. I don't proofread any of this, I just write. I did this for 3 months but I stopped for a about a year. There will be detailed critiques of five pieces of artwork for five people and then for ten people I’ll just share a couple of their pieces of art that I like. Instead of posting weekly, I’ll post irregularly. I might post 4 a month, 4 a week, or 4 a year, depending on how I feel and how busy I am.


>Why’d you stop and why’d you start again?

I did a poll to see if people wanted me to continue and most people said no. I just checked the poll again and more people said yes.  I actually had this done for a while but was waiting for some news before I posted it. I hope soon I’ll drive some eyes to everyone I’ve featured.


>Name Change?

I changed my name from the almighty Akuard and changed it to Lightray Photography. I’m Lightray Photography everywhere else, so why not here?  It really actually hurt me to do it because I loved Akuard. But I read into it and no one else gets Akuard. So I decided to change.


>Follow Me?

You can follow me if you want

I haven’t done anything yet with Tumblr but here it is:…


II. Features

>Five by Five Critique

To understand some of the critique the rule of thirds here:…



Dope traditional, digital, and photographic artist. She is best known for her little chibi-like animations. Small, little pixely creations. They’re exceptionally cute. However, her traditional work is amazing – it is worth looking at and there are a couple of bits of photography I will not be reviewing this time.


This image is a traditional drawing titled “heat.” It looks like color pencils and water colors, to me, but I am not an expert. This is a thin girl with exaggerated features, green eyes, large earrings, and pale skin. Perhaps the title is designed to show her as being sexy.  

I’d like to call attention to the hair, first. The hair is a wash of tones, with large deep lines running through it. The tonal wash gives the hair some depth while the lines give it definition. It works, as a style, to me because it manages to capture the essence of what it is to be hair-like. I am not a traditional artist, I work with cameras, so I don’r know if there is a better way – but the way it is done is compelling to me. It accurately gets the message across without looking cheap or childish. The hair has a rough texture – which differentiates it from the skin. It’s a simple but elegant solution.

The strongest feature, to me, are those bold green eyes and the deep  lips. . These features really pop. The eyes are the brightest most vivid part of the entire image, so they’re going o pop. The Lips aren’t as bright but they’re the only break from the otherwise unchanging colors. They’re also the centerpiece of the image, being framed by the eyes and the earrings. There is a rough outline of a darker color that runs along her skin. This was likely the meeting point between the hair and the skin, but it looks weird to me. It isn’t quite a shadow and it doesn’t flow smoothly. It breaks the image apart for me.

Little details, like adding cleavage and a collarbone are a nice touch but the real selling point, to me, is the incredibly sophisticated use of light. You might be looking at it and thing that is a really bizarre statement; but look again at the eyes and the lips. There is obviously a light shining on the image and it seems to come from the same source, as the eyes shine at the same point and it gives the lips a glossy feel. I wish the same technique would have been used to emphasize the metallic nature of the earrings –because they seems a little flat. Another oddity with the image is the dark line that flowers through the center of it. Perhaps a bi-product of the construction of the image.

All in all, I “like” the image and I consider it very well done.


So I described :iconserii-chan: as being a dope artist who makes these adorable chibis. Well here you go. I am not sure if they animate in thumb form, but you can click through to see the animation if it doesn’t. This is a little girl with an oversized head.

She has titled this image “Whatcha looking at.” The image has a nice purple feel. The character is wearing purple, her eyes are purple, and her hair is a dark blue, too, very akin to a purple. To me, the image screams “attitude.” This goes far beyond the title, because the title itself could be playful. Looking at her we can see she has a sort of frowning expression, her hands are on her hips, her feet are pigeon-toed, a bit, this is a hodge-podge of defensive and aggressive features that come together and scream one thing. Hey bro, “whatcha looking at?”

So for me, artistically, this goes a little further. Purple is the color of royalty, so she may be putting herself above others, she is ignoring the world with her headphones and Ipod, She is focused entirely on us because we disturbed her. Shes also not some idealized, sexual beauty. She is just a normal looking girl, not overly thin. She doesn’t have an hourglass frame. She is really, quite normal looking as far as human beings go. (I mean, ignoring the giant head and tiny legs.)

I do have questions. What is that on her neck? Is there a toothpick of some sort in her mouth? And if we’re going to say “Whatcha” instead of “what are you” then I think it should be “lookin’” instead of “looking.” Or am I completely off base.


The Melody Of My Heart by Serii-Chan

It is hard to express an objective opinion about something when you really, really like it. There was another image she did a long time ago that looked like this: Love for Music (colored) by Serii-Chan and I consider this an update of that image. When I first looked at the image I realized I’d seen it before and went into my favorites to find it. She notes herself, in the description, that it is inspired by an older image. This one is called the ‘melody of my heart.’

I haven’t really touched on composition yet, in these images, because there wasn’t anything that really enhanced or degraded the images due to placement. Here, we’re seeing that the composition itself rules this image and makes our brain want to like it a bit more. It follows a perfect rule of thirds. The notes on the bottom literally create one of the lines, and the intersecting points are right on her face and hand. The lines of her fingers direct us through the picture plane, both pointing at her face and her head phones. The notes of the background reinforce that she is listening to music.

Two mid-sized paragraphs in and I’ve already got ahead of myself. The image is a young women, with blue hair, standing with a sleeveless hoody in the wind. Her head is tilted backwards and her eyes are closed. I interpret this to mean that she is listening to the music and has a deep connection with it. The way her hair blows frames her face well, gives it a bit of intensity and also lets us feel like this moment is captured – still. I feel in tune with her and with the “melody of her heart.”

Questionable elements, to me, are the notes with the drop shadow on the top right of the picture plane. There a little distracting and don’t sync as well as the rest of the image. They pop out at you. I think that the image could use a tad more color contrast. Something could have muted oranges to contrast the hair a bit and make the headphones pop more than the pink would. The deep burgundy of the nails really seems out of place with her hair-style and youth. That is a more adult looking style then the counter culture of the images might imply. They’re also lengthy – which again doesn’t seem to fit. I say that, but if the color was right, maybe I wouldn’t feel so adverse about the subject.


:C: Wardrobe Malfunction by Serii-Chan

This image is sexy girls in a snowstorm and it is titled “Wardrobe Malfunction.” Nothing really to be said about the style, this is another digital work, this one feels like a traditional piece though – kind of neat. The rule of thirds could have been reinforced a bit by lowering the horizon and adding a cloudline (or something). The lines insect closer to their breasts than their faces but it was never a perfect science. The image mostly speaks for itself, so I don’t need to say a lot. 

This has a bit of compositional power that goes beyond a simple trick like the rule of thirds. There are two figures for us to compare so that gives us the natural tension we need to satisfy our minds. They’re looking at each other which allows us to use their eyes to push back and forth between the picture plane. I just wish there was more attention paid to natural color contrasts.



I thought this was a fun one to end serii-chan’s critique on. Go check out her gallery, it has a lot of dope stuff. You won’t be disappointed.








I would describe this young ladies work as photographic with a heavy influence of digital art. Oh, and I almost forgot, her work can be a tad creepy.



Devil Inside by Pzychonoir

Let me introduce you do psychonoir. This image is of her, it’s a black and white photograph, and it is very contrast orientated. First, you’ll see it is within the rule of thirds, which is nice. You’ll also notice she is looking right at the camera, engaging it. She has nose and lip rings, a ring on her hand. Her mouth is open with god knows what expression. She doesn’t seem to be attacking the viewer, her movements aren’t aggressive. Her demeanor isn’t overly playful or sexual either, regardless of whether or not she is in her underwear. This image makes me question what is is shes supposed to be doing. In my honest opinion this is what makes great art. What is going on here? We, as a viewer, don’t really know. We can only make guesses. We can advise no certainties.

The wait her hair contrast against the skin of her hand is very powerful. Its eye-catching. The lips and eyes are clear – her hair has the same contrast on the side of her face as her hand. There is a lot of out of focus trash in the image – the bed, the dresser the back wall, but its cool because they’re out of focus. We’re being told, by the way the photograph was taken, to look at her.

My only real complain is that stupid da watermark. Come on, you have your watermark on the top left of the image – if that isn’t enough than make it more prominent. This one covers up what we want to look at. I can’t even see part of her face.


Eva S.P Style Part I by Pzychonoir

It is hard to go through someone’s gallery and find recent, relevant works that are both interesting enough for the casual viewer to want to go to their page because of it and also give me something to talk about. So, this is just some really cool make up. There is certain sensuality to being op-close like this. You can call me a cheater for picking something that doesn’t really require a lot of detail, but I think this kind of contrast describes her work without much effort on my part and will also make you want to go view her page a bit.


BLOOD by Pzychonoir

So, it may be difficult to show relevant works but it is easy to pace an image to give a nice bit of clarity. The previous up-close of the lips gives a little bit of context tot his image, which utilizes the same make up. We seee shes been crying and rubbing her eyes  or something else, similar). We know someone has rubbing them because you don’t bleed upwards – you would only bleed down. Her features are pale but the red and black match that of her bra. There is a bit of blue in her hair, which makes her seem just a bit more gothic-punk-rock then in the black and white images I posted first. I love the clarity on the eye in this. Very strong.

This time she is engaging the camera but there is much more intensity than before. There is a sense of something more ominous, no doubt due to the angle of her face. She is turning her head slightly to the side,  but staring right at you. If her head was facing the camera, it could be accidental that she’s looking at it. She could just be looking in that direction. This, however, shows intent. Her face is over there but her eyes are right on you. It makes you wonder what the thoughts could be. It almost feels like an accusation.

When I view the blood, I see it as a vampiristic engagement. Maybe she was feeding – maybe she overfed to the point that it poured from her eyes and there was a bit left on her face. Maybe she was crying about something and blaming me. I don’t know. There are a lot of options and I can’t honestly imagine which is correct. I can, however, imagine that the image could be better if there were blood drops on her chest, something to fill that negative space. However, if you read the text you’ll find out I am way wrong with that interpretation.

*Gives you time to go read her description*

So, if she is supposed to be a victim suffering abuse then there needs to be a bit more bruising make up. The blood smeared upeards may not be from her wiping it herself but from fists pushing it up there. And an obligatory: Blood, blood, blood, pump mud through my veins. I’m a dirty, dirty girl, I want it filthy.



Skull by Pzychonoir

Here is a creepy red skull with some coins. She has a lot of creepy skulls. Go look at her creepy skulls J


Waterfall by Pzychonoir

We get to a point in this where there just isn’t a lot to say. We have another monochrome image – but this one breaks away from the previous genre. This is a nice, beautiful girl in a dark dress sitting in some sort of man-made cave. There is some rain, or a waterfall to change the way the scene looks a bit. It is titled “waterfall.” For this reason.

I find this image doesn’t really have the same sort of intense contrast as the previous images and it isn’t really framed well. The image is dead center. In this case that really takes away from it. I also don’t find the models engagement with the camera powerful in this instance. Before it was part of the image, it enhanced it, here it doesn’t mean anything.






She is a cosplayer and a digital artist. I don’t have a lot to say about these images but I will make notes where I can.



Ties are for squares by kittumgirl
To me, the most important part of a cosplayer’s arsenal is being able to pull off several different looks. And what makes Kittumgirl so good at this is that she is both very attractive and has the ability to come across as very androgynous. This is important because she is playing the Iconic role of axel. And if you just look him up by googling Axel Kingdom Hearts you’ll see she’s nailed it: Here is a link…

The photo is terrible quality and it needs to crop out some of the junk background to clean it up – but that isn’t really the purpose of the pictures – it is just to show the costume and what not. When we look at the full length: Axel in Sebastian's uniform by kittumgirl you’ll see that the suit doesn’t have the big iconic zipper – but I imagine that would have been a ton of work to manufacture for the cosplay.

Elizabeth DLC Cosplay WIP by kittumgirl Esmeralda Makeup Test by kittumgirl

I just wanted to use this photo to show that she is attractive, shapely, and feminine to sort of drive home her versatility. The make-up test really makes her look very pretty.


Roxas by kittumgirl

Digital artwork on a tablet.  She claims it is her first time ever and this is pretty amazing for a first time. The water is a little suspect, but it conveys what it is. I recognized it as roxas, but let us be fair roxas is just a cheap knock-off of Titus from FFX. Just some tips on improving the image, or any image like this. You don’t need the black outline. It is much better without it just use shading to define shapes. The black stroke doesn’t enhance the image and learning to shade, feathering you images together will make it look much more complete.

On the positive, she has shading down – so it won’t be a difficult transition. It looks really smooth right now. Adding in some color contrast, the rule of thirds, and implementing an actual background would really do this piece something special.



Take a dive by kittumgirl

Markers and pens to create something really, really neat. There is a nice flow, the negative space is powerful. We know it’s a Pokémon, (I didn’t know which one, that’s more on me than her though) and we know it is in water or watery land of some sort. The sky is a mixture of lines and dots. It could be any number of things, I imagine its water droplets.

We have a chaotic abstraction that slammed together into a coherent picture because of the negative space: the white bits that make up the Pokémon’s stomach, and fins. It’s a very powerful piece with a complex color palette that really comes alive on the page. I can only encourage her to upload more traditional and digital work.







She is a digital artist and a photographer. I am going to try to start simple and move forward into more complex pieces with this artist. The first three images are digital pieces where the rule of thirds is strongly employed. Two drawings and one manipulation.



Faerie Face Doodle by MasukiaMaru

I included this  “Faerie Face Doodle” because I’ve never seen a muro drawing uploaded as an artwork before. That doesn’t change its merit in the artistic discourse though. Minimalism is key in many artforms. This isn’t much different than Picaso’s La Femme It gets its point across without much complication. Clearly we have a face here without much intensity. It takes skill to make a smiley face that intense. Well done.



Elf by MasukiaMaru

The next step to a drawing like what we’ve seen is the ability to include definition. We have a much more pronounced features and we know we’re looking at a little elf girl with a peekaboo haircut. An apt decripting for a digital drawing titled Elf. The lips and eyes are vivid red, so they’re going to stand out. The hair swoops down across her face and chest while the rest falls across her back, unseen. Darker shadows in the hair give it definition and that “swooping” feeling I’ve describe already…. Little highlights exist on the face (around the nose, eye, and lips) which really bring the image to life. The tones blend well, and we get actual shading with powerful definition. We can even see the hints of a collar bone. Well done.



Hues and Whites by MasukiaMaru

Digital manipulation has its own complications and doing it with water is even more complex. If we look at Hues & Whites we can see a wonderful piece where these two elements come together perfectly. Again, a lovely rule of thirds with the tension ebing on the drowned woman and her cloth and the smiling angel on the water. Really look at the way everything blends so smoothly, check out each individual piece that went into and you’ll see something truly magical. The care that went into this is really impressive. She needs to do more, and post more. Manipulations and drawings, it is both really impressive and also really delicate.

 Is it the best manipulation I’ve ever seen? No. But it is really elegant and beautiful.



Barely There by MasukiaMaru

On Barely There, a photograph taken by our subject, we have a lovely wash of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. Nature gave us this very close color contrasts that really walk the edge and make the primary leaf pop. We done really need this because it is both positioned well and incredibly sharp. You’ll notice both the bottom and the tops of the picure plane was out of focus – there are two reasons this may happen.


1) The artist digitally manipulated it. If this is the case she did a pretty good job mirroring proper fall off and circles of confusion only given by

2) a very narrow depth of field. A narrow depth of field like this usually comes from macro lenses or lenses with apertures between f1 and f3.5. That’s a really technical way of saying that it takes a bit of photographic knowledge to generate this image.

Utilizing this narrow depth of field, albeit fabricated or done naturally, we are told where to look by the image itself. The contrast is really nice, with the highlights generally being surrounded by a wide range a midtones. This is a masterful piece of photography and I really suggest studying it more closely and learning from the colors – regardless of what media you choose to work with.


.Seeing. by MasukiaMaru

Continuing the discussion of depth of field, and its powerful effects, I present to you Seeing. Usually when we look at a photograph we want to look at the person. They become our point of interest until the artist makes it clear something else is more important. In this image we’re not even given the option. This is an intelligent, but ham fisted, image that shows this lovely plant in incredible detail – contrasted against the blurred mess of a human form.

Our brain paints it as a young girl without any cues. We want to see the jagged edges of the plant because we’re told to and we want to see the girl because we’re trained to look for similarities. But let me present another question to you. How do you know it’s a girl at all? How do you know it isn’t a statue? Or a post similarly shaped? What makes her more important than nature. Why does she interest us?

The goal of art should be to have this effect. It is all well and good to sit down and look at this image and say “cool.” Because it is cool. It is a unique and powerful effect.  But this image, and much of this artist’s work, allow us to ask questions – we can walk away from this piece wanting to know more – or putting our own thoughts into it. It is both vague enough for us to create complex man vs nature narratives and simultaneously simple enough for us to say “wow, that’s cool.” It actually works next to its other images of the set where the girl is in focus and the plant is out of focus. Check out the series and tell me what you think.










So I have featured this artist before and she primarily works in digital manipulation. I’ve watched her for over four years and I’ve always loved her work. I am not going to belabor the point here. I am going to post some of the more recent work she’s done. (She hasn’t posted in half a year, I am hoping my appreciation will spur her into action.) Her English isn’t the best so getting overly descriptive isn’t helpful to her. I am going to be both brief and harsh with the images I’ve selected.



TEACH ME MORE... by chryssalis

“Teach Me More…” is a lovely image of a ballerina girl’s legs posed atop a dirty floor. There is a menacing window in the background. There is a ball and some roughed up papers on the floor. Cool design, the composition is on point, and there are a lot of metaphors to play with.

Problems. The problems are pretty interesting, actually. Look at the light. The light on the legs, ground, ball, papers, etc all implies a circular spotlight from behind. It gives the cat a wonderful rim light. (A rim light is a halo of light around a subject.) You can see the shadow leads towards the picture plane implying that the light is coming from behind. However, the light on the legs and the dress is coming from over our shoulder and off to the right. It lights the cat and the legs perfectly – this light even causes a shadow on the thigh that is further back.

That is a lot of words to make this simple point: the light on the legs doesn’t match the light on the ground. For this to be the case the shadow on the ground would need to extend out towards the papers (OR) the legs would all need to look like the shadowed thigh close to the dress. I personally would go the latter route. Having this backlit like that would make the legs super dark but give them a rim light  (you can already see how neat this looks on the edges of her legs). Doing this, but leaving the shine on the cats claws, and eyes would enhance the intensity of the piece. This would also allow some cool reflection effects against the window.

Another questionable element is the halo effect. The light seems to dance off of her; it glows off to the right of her legs? This isn’t a “flaw” like the shadow issue. But it is a little distracting. It could just as easily be an effect included to make her seem more majestic.



DEEP ROOTS.. by chryssalis

Lovely creepy image titled “deep roots” The title comes from the vines running through the subject and the image as a whole. The subject is also drowning and the water effect is done effortlessly. The only way these make any sort of sense is if you look at the original works. You’ll see how much work goes into it if you look at the stock. This one is very complicated. The plants, water droplets, everything; it comes together well.

Problems? The problem in this image is the same as its strength. The color palette is all green:  skin, eyes,  plants, the hand, etc. There needs to be something in there to contrast that. Maybe a bit of blood somewhere, as nice splash of red to really make the image come together: it shouldn’t be hard to have her coughing up blood or having it pour from where the plants are digging into her. Other than that, I find this to be a perfect image.



LOVE TAMES.. by chryssalis

“Love Tames” is the most fantasy of the images that I’ve shown you yet. So look at it and tell me if it looks real to you. The butterflies have a sense of movement. The image has depth because of the balloons. The shadows work. Etc. It’s a believable representation of an unbelievable world.

Problems: I am really nit-picking here: on the last artist we discussed depth of field. This image has some foggy elements but it doesn’t lose clarity as the image goes back into the picture plane. The balloons are just too clear. I think the beetle, the girl, the balloons all need to be feathered into the background to give the image to clinch together. A little blurring and some feathering will give the image a more “realistic” feel.




So, she makes a lot of creepy stuff. This one is “One Must Stick To the Story.” Just look at it. It’s a murderous little red riding hood. I think it is actually pretty cool. It’s a contrast to the original story.


Problems: Lighting. The light on the old lady is almost right. The rim light on the grandmother and her cat are spot on, but the light on her face doesn’t match red at all. It kind of works with the trees and she tried to extend it to red’s cloak so I’ll not nitpick at all. I think red needs to be feathered into the image more; she looks super imposed in.




A glimpse at a Future's Ghost.. by chryssalis
Sometimes images just make you go wtf (what the fuck).  Everything seems creepy, but normal, until you see the face peeking through the back of that girls head… it gets a little weirder. Not a lot to say about this piece… just stare at it for a while. I don’t think this is as strong as the other images I’ve shared but this one sorta gets my spine tingling.





>10 Quickly, for your amusement.


Feature without words:



I'm Telling You, The Light Was Green! by Contemplexitus Empire State by Contemplexitus Organic Organs Organizing Organs of  Organizations by Contemplexitus





Quin: Thinking of you by kwun-kwun Ribbon by kwun-kwun Comm: Sasha by kwun-kwun





Let's take a break by JMicas Tenerife Sunset II by JMicas Sunset at Teresitas by JMicas





Television by Art-Lines Pedestrian Precinct by Art-Lines Jump orange! by Art-Lines





The Addiction DevilRight now, my heart is in my chest.
I stare at the words on this piece of paper
The Neurobiology of Drug Abuse and Addiction
No matter how far we advance in our understanding
It won't bring you back.
But at long last, my anger can dissipate.
Your brain became warped and broken by the poison that ran through your veins.
Plastic changes within the brain that drove you into obsession
Drove me far from your mind.
I wish I could have shown you what I know now.
I wish I could have prevented this from ever happening.
How different would today be?
Would you be there to watch me graduate?
Maybe our family would still be together
... Had the vodka not drove us apart.
I hope science can find the answer.
Because nobody deserves to suffer like you did.
Another tragic victim of the Addiction Devil
Winter Wonderland by EeriePlume Schizophrenia by EeriePlume





Wha is that at my bower door? by Kemendil Bologna by Kemendil Portico by Kemendil





Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere by Conzibar Chitoge by Conzibar Misuzu Kusakabe by Conzibar





Unfinished Story by k-i-mm-i-e Marshmallowinnies by k-i-mm-i-e B-day Outfit by k-i-mm-i-e






Cassiobury Lock by George---Kirk Woodland path by George---Kirk Natures gems by George---Kirk





Balcony I by iram at times by iram Just passing by IV by iram





    III.                Shameless Self Promotion

Please check out some of my works :) or don’t.

Follow me at and


Cliche: Self Esteem: Darkness by LightrayPhotography Cliche: Self Esteem: Let Me Take A Selfie by LightrayPhotography

Cliche: Self Esteem: Defiance by LightrayPhotography

Throwback Triptych by LightrayPhotography

To Reach by LightrayPhotography



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Happy Birthday! :) :cake: :party:
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Happy Birthday Akuard!!!! :iconhappybirthdaysignplz::iconbirthdaycakeplz::party::airborne::dance::boogie:

OH!----New Photos? Somebody's been busy these Days.................:nod:
BatboyEXE Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015
Happy Birthday! :) :cake: :party:
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!:) (Smile) Hug 
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I wanted to tell how amazing Your Self esteem work is amazing Great set of picture ! You rock !
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Thank you for your fave on Love Spell   Love Spell by LeenaCruz Happy Holidays!
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snoopy happy Hi 50  by WhoopySnoopy  Watch thanks100 by WhoopySnoopy  Snoopy-hug-anim-greeting-100 by WhoopySnoopy  
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Uh … do flashy emotey things offend you or something? Most people like it when I do that. It ain't supposed to be spam. I really appreciate watches and making a big deal of it is my way of showing it .-.
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